About Us and Our Mission

About Us and Our Mission:

Saint L’amour Vintage is an Irish female founded, sustainable jewellery business. We aim to offer the best selection of authenticated solid gold vintage and antique jewellery, and a small collection of pre-loved pieces. We are based in London, and source and sell our jewellery in the UK and beyond. Our collection currently features rings, but we will be expanding our stock to necklaces and earrings soon.

We look forward to offering you the finest selection of effortlessly timeless and classic vintage jewellery. Whether you are looking for big and bold statement pieces, or everyday dainty staples, we’ve got something for you.


Where The Brand Started:

Everyone is seeking individuality and has embarked on their own journey of self-expression, however that may be. For the founder/creator of Saint L’ amour Vintage, that individuality stems from her deep love of collecting beautiful vintage pieces and imagining the many years each piece has lived before us.

Her initial spark in vintage and antique jewellery came about when her auntie gifted her a solid gold ring with diamonds and sapphires from the Victorian era (1879). She fell in love with this ring and wanted to share this feeling with other women. She was also tired of wasting money on modern day vermeil, gold filled, or gold-plated jewellery, which would tarnish after a few wears. That is why she has taken a step back in her consumerism and now dedicates her time to tracking down rare jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime.


Why It’s Worth Investing in Vintage and Antique Jewellery:

As a society, we now care more about sustainability and ethics than ever before. When buying modern jewellery, do you ever wonder who sources your diamonds and precious stones, and how are they extracted? What does this do to our planet? Thankfully, there are more good initiatives in this area, but it is still certain that the jewellery industry can be plagued with controversy and corruption. By purchasing vintage and antique jewellery you can be confident that you are making an ethical and honest style choice, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Before the years of mass production, each jeweller took time to source high-quality materials and spent much of their time sculpting spectacular jewels. Nowadays, a lot of modern-day jewellers are selling gold filled, vermeil or gold-plated jewellery, which is valueless and tarnishes just after a few months. Therefore, vintage and antique pieces are one-of-a-kind and of a much higher quality than contemporary jewellery.

Another added benefit is that vintage and antique jewellery offers more value for money than items of a similar quality available on the modern market, as they do not have the high mark-up. These pieces are also more likely to retain or increase in their value over the years, so start collecting timeless pieces as an investment in your wardrobe - and in yourself.